Cruising Lifestyle

One more step towards the dream this month as we both finish up work. Our close friends have known of this plan for many years but perhaps you are hearing about it for the first time. The person writing here describes the lifestyle very well and CNN Travel recently did a story about the impact of COVID on people travelling the world on sailboats. The CNN story estimates that in any given year there are about 10,000 small sailboats cruising the world.Our cruising life will begin in the eastern Mediterranean where the boat has been stored on land since November 2019. The boat we purchased is a Lagoon 42 built in France and first launched by an Australian couple in 2018. They shared their story on YouTube but for us this blog will be enough to record our travels. We leave for Marmaris Turkey on July 18th.

The beginning of retirement.

We have purchased a Lagoon 42 called Sabella and we will rename her to CoKeMa after our three boys Conor, Kevin and Mark. This first post on the blog is written as I contemplate retiring next month.

The picture above is from the broker listing and was my first impression from Yacht World.